Fandom Writing

Female, mostly use internet for fandom devotion in general, and livejournal is no longer an exception.

Also I frequent fanfiction.net a lot, and I'm known as Domenic there.

Below is me going colorbar-crazy; didn't make any of them myself; the rest of my collection is posted up on a master list right in my journal:

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credit to marenfic

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credit to moonstone_icons

Shishio is bandaged badass pyro megalomaniac love.


From the in_the_wings shipper comm.
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Angel/Cordy is True Friendship Love

Made by moonstone_icons

credit to scarlet_avatar
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Kenshin/Tomoe is the only canon I need Love

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Sawyer Is Love

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Goliath is Not To Be Angered Love

by fizzyblue

(translates into "Norrington")
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credit to lay_of_luthien

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I just found this funny beyond all reason....

How to make a greedyslayer

3 parts intelligence

5 parts brilliance

5 parts empathy
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Top it off with a sprinkle of lovability and enjoy!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

First time winning something fic-related. From batfic_contest. Thanks to participating voters, and 6_joker_9 for making the banners:

by 6_joker_9
Tied with amara_anon.

6_joker_9 third place

3rd place tie from 6_joker_9
Tied with onikotsu

by 6_joker_9
Tied with blackswanevent

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (a.k.a. One of My Mand Favorite Under Rated or Obscure Cartoons) Blog Crew:
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aang, al/martel, alias, alphonse elric, alxmartel, angel the series, angel/cordelia, anya/xander, arvin sloane, avatar, azula, batman, batman begins, beast wars, bones the series, bones/booth, booth/brennan, brennan/booth, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, buffy/willow, captain jack sparrow, claire, claire/sawyer, commodore james norrington, cordelia/angel, cowboy bebop, crossover, darth vader, dawn, digimon, dinobot, drusilla, drusilla/spike, enishi, fred, fullmetal alchemist, greed, greed/izumi, greed/martel, greed/sloth, han solo/leia, han/leia, hawkgirl, huntress/question, huntressxquestion, impmon, iroh, iron man, izumi, izumi curtis, izumi curtis/greed, izumi/greed, j'onn, j'onn j'onzz, jack bristow, jack sparrow, james norrington, joker, joker/harley quinn, justice league, kenshin/tomoe, lilah, lily/snape, lilyxsnape, lost, lulu, lust, lust/scar, lustxscar, mai, mai/zuko, maiko, martel/al, martel/greed, martelxal, martelxgreed, martian manhunter, misao, mojo jojo, norribeth, norrington, norrington/elizabeth, peter parker/mj, question/huntress, questionxhuntress, reboot, rurouni kenshin, ryoko, saito, sawyer, sayid, scar, scar/lust, scarxlust, scruffington, severus snape, severus/lily, shannon/sayid, shannonxsayid, shayera, shayera hol, shishio, shishio makoto, shishio makoto/yumi komagata, shishio makotoxyumi komagata, shishio/yumi, shishioxyumi, sloth, sloth/greed, slothxgreed, smallville, snape/lily, snapexlily, sojiro, sparabeth, sparrington, spider-man, spider-man/mj, spiderman, spike, spike/buffy, spike/drusilla, spikexbuffy, spikexdrusilla, star wars, sydney, tdk, tenchi muyo, the dark knight, the question, tomoe/kenshin, tomoexkenshin, tony/pepper, toph, trisha elric, venom, willow, willow/buffy, willowxbuffy, wrath, xander/anya, yumi komagata, yumi komagata/shishio makoto, yumi/shishio, yumixshishio, yuna, zuko