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Chaos/Comment-Fic Thread for Kung Fu Panda

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Jun. 7th, 2011 | 05:22 pm

All right scribe_protra, go ahead and prompt me! :)
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from: scribe_protra
date: Jun. 8th, 2011 01:18 am (UTC)

:D :D :D

Weee fun times ahead!

Ping and Shifu, sons

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i need a lord shen icon (Ping, Shifu, sons 1)

from: greedyslayer
date: Jun. 8th, 2011 04:44 am (UTC)

Ping and Shifu, sons:

Shifu found himself immediately regretting to agree to dinner at Mr. Ping's restaurant.

Watching he and Po gather ingredients in their kitchen made something clench in his chest and the red panda knew he thought of Tai Lung. (A body was never found, small comfort that was, and no small task to reassure Po that he did what he had to do when the boy had mumbled his guilt.)

Shifu wondered if Mr. Ping had seen some hint of it on his face, for he put up a half-hearted fight to Po's insistence that he cook by himself, and let the boy have his way as he approached the red panda.

"Master Shifu, perhaps a game of Pai Sho while we wait?"

The red panda nodded, making sure to voice gracious acceptance as he helped the goose ready the board on one of the tables.

"Po told me others were coming?"

"Yes, my other students should be back in the Valley tonight."

"Off saving China without Po?" The goose pushed a tile forward. "I suppose my boy needs more training, hmm?" Shifu noted the mirth in the goose's eyes, and the pride.

Shifu shook himself, and explained, "All social calls, I'm afraid: Master Viper visited her sisters; Master Crane called upon an old friend of his; Master Monkey checked on his niece and their great uncle; Master Mantis saw his mother; and Master Tigress--" and the old red panda paused, considering his (second) adopted child. He knew she was following another lead on her blood family. He expected her to come back with another dead end. Shifu's only hope was that she come home to one of Po's fine meals, and the company of her comrades and friends (and her own foolish adoptive father).

"--she is on a personal mission."

Shifu blinked, when Ping captured one of his tiles. The old goose smiled back.

Eventually Shifu had his head clutched between his hands, searching the board for his next move, while Mr. Ping remained calmly triumphant.

"Po's never had much patience for this game,"Mr. Ping commented mildly, again playing the Lotus tile he seemed to favor.

It took Shifu a second for him to realize the second coin dropping. "Master Oogway taught Tai Lung to play. He took to it better than I ever did," Shifu said, softly.

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i need a lord shen icon (Ping, Shifu, sons 2)

from: greedyslayer
date: Jun. 8th, 2011 04:47 am (UTC)

"Funny how that works between fathers and sons," Mr. Ping murmured gently. "I still don't get Kung Fu myself."

Shifu shook his head, smiling thinly (hoping it wasn't too bitter). "Sounds like you know more than you think. 'There is no secret ingredient,' right?"

Shifu had felt sick when Po told the story. Had he lost his son over a riddle? But could he truly question Oogway on this? Again? He hadn't questioned him when it counted. He hadn't found Tai Lung and just talked with him and told him what he needed to hear, what Shifu had always felt, when it could've meant everything. He hadn't prepared his son. Hadn't prepared him at all.

"Well, I hadn't known before how universal it really was. I have Po to thank for that," Mr. Ping replied, and Shifu knew the goose had prepared his adoptive son.

Mr. Ping won the game. In a low voice, he said guiltily, "I'm sorry, Po told me everything about--the boy had a bad dream, you see, about what happened, and I had pushed him to talk when he came over, he just seemed so agitated--and I, well--" The goose looked down, folding his wings in his sleeves. "--I'm sorry, it was not my place to pry."

Shifu took his cup of tea. It was cold in his hands.

The red panda shook his head. "No, it's all ri--" He spied something behind Po's head, in the kitchen.

"Is that Po?"

"Er, yes, he's cooking--"

"No, the painting--"

Mr. Ping turned to look, and his face lit up with fondness. "Oh yes! He was about five then, and the artist was very kind--a travelling peacock, all the way from Gongmen province--he minded keeping his tail down after Po was spooked by the eye spots on it and--"

As Mr. Ping went happily on, Shifu smiled, and remembered in the back of his mind the portrait of a kitten Tai Lung he kept safe in a chest back at the Jade Palace. As the Furious Five arrived and Po called that dinner was ready, Shifu decided he would pull the portrait out when he returned.

A/N: It says on TVTropes.org that the game Ping plays with Shifu is Chinese chess, and I haven't tried confirming it, so I just settled with slipping in an "Avatar: the Last Airbender" reference with them playing Pai Sho. And I didn't even research Pai Sho a little. XD And I apparently could not resist a reference to Lord Shen and Po's trauma near the end. Hope you liked this. :)

Prompt: Tai Lung, Lord Shen, Po (our dads sucked/er, mine…didn't)

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Re: i need a lord shen icon (Ping, Shifu, sons 2)

from: scribe_protra
date: Jun. 11th, 2011 08:08 pm (UTC)

I AM SO SORRY it is taking me ages to get fic out of my brain.

But my goodness is this ficlet amazing. Ping is made of such heartwarming win and Shifuuuuuu, I must hug him!

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Re: i need a lord shen icon (Ping, Shifu, sons 2)

from: greedyslayer
date: Jun. 13th, 2011 06:14 pm (UTC)

No worries, I know the feeling. X) Do you want me to try to give you another prompt? Or you can write whatever KFP thing you want. :D

OMG, I'm so glad you thought the ficlet was good, I was getting a little worried about Ping and Shifu characterization.

Hmmm, maybe I can find time for another take on the prompt, since just when I finished I remembered how during KFP2 both Shifu and Ping spend most of the time waiting for Po and the Furious Five in the Valley of Peace--there must've been some late-night bonding and worryfests and reassurances at Ping's restaurant that the kids would make it back all right. And I can see Shifu rushing past the restaurant and Ping freaking out, all "What happened--?" and Shifu's like "Don'tworryjustgivingthemahandwillbebacklaterwe'llplaypaishowhenwe'reback" and then he's off for his Big Damn Heroes moment, and Ping's not reassured at all (further impacting his worry at the film's end before Po's finally back).

My Shen backstory fic is getting updated more/faster at ff.net:


Right now it's sorta easier uploading there and the review/commentary from readers is more active. :)

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Re: i need a lord shen icon (Ping, Shifu, sons 2)

from: greedyslayer
date: Jun. 17th, 2011 08:17 pm (UTC)

I forgot to mention, I don't know if this was clear, but this was the fic for that awesome credits scene in KFP1 I always wanted to do, of Po cooking in the back while Ping and Shifu played a game, and Ping was winning while Shifu was like DX

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I am so sorry I took so long! (Also, massive fail at fic)

from: scribe_protra
date: Jun. 17th, 2011 03:19 am (UTC)

Tai Lung realized something as they staggered down the street.

"This is the very veeeeery first time I've been drunk," he told Shen solemnly before guzzling down more drink.

Shen attempted to whistle, "Your father never allowed that either?"

Tai liung giggled at the noise Shen had made and shook his head. Shen started laughing in responce, which set off Tai Lung and thus they were weaving their way down the street laughing over their horrible bad fathers.

"I hunger!" Shen declared as they passed a noodle shop, "We shall go and feast about this... Dragon Warrior's Noodles and Tofu place of foodery placeness."

They both looked up at the signed before Tai Lung leaned on Shen too much and they both fell over.

The Panda standing at the doorway just stared at them.

Tai Lung pointed at the panda and opened his mouth before getting distracted by his shiny new metal hand. Leaving Shen to squirm out from under him and stagger upwards to demand, "We require noodles and tofu to ease the annoyance of having horrible terrible fathers!"

The Panda grinned uneasily and slide sideways towards the door, "Yeeeeah, I'll go turn off all the open flames before your fume make everything explode and then get right on that- Dad, can you made two bowls of noodles please!?"

After a long moment of staring at the chef Tai Lung said, "Your father is a goose."

The Panda's dead snapped around and he glared at Tai Lung, "Insult my dad and you will feel my fists of justice!"

Tai Lung opened his month to retort but then the ground sprang up and smacking him in the face.

Stupid ground.


I am SO SORRY if that isn't what you wanted.

Shen/Wolf Boss names

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Re: I am so sorry I took so long! (Also, massive fail at fic)

from: greedyslayer
date: Jun. 17th, 2011 07:56 pm (UTC)

LOL, that was great. X) I don't think I mentioned this, but my fanon is that Shen makes the new metal claw for Tai Lung, thus making that old concept happen and we have continuity.~

It really sounds like a drunk Tai Lung and Shen. And d'aww, protective Po.

Hee, I've kinda done a little on that prompt with "The Life and Times of Lord Shen" over at fanfiction.net--sorry, it's being updated quicker there on account of ff.net's sorta being easier than livejournal's formatting, and it has a larger reader base there. Specifically, it's chapter 3: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7046055/3/The_Life_and_Times_of_Lord_Shen

BUT OMG YES, Shen/Wolf Boss, I'm not the only who ships them (though I'm kinda feeling more platonic about them, though I can still see them going there).

Shen/Wolf Boss, names:


Shen had never really understood why An…didn't like being 'An.' He'd happily ditched that name once he became alpha of his pack and gained the title of 'Wolf Boss.' It was all just very convenient that it was tradition to typically only go by that title from now on, a tradition An took advantage of.

Once Shen had received the news of his friend's promotion and him officially becoming his second-in-command, the white peacock practiced in his head referring to him as 'Wolf Boss, Wolf Boss' instead of An.

Still, he stumbled sometimes. Shen felt oddly all right that the older wolf (only by three years) would be visibly annoyed, instead of exercising patience that would always leave the prince wondering if he only silently took it because he was his commanding superior. The young peacock supposed there should be times where the new Wolf Boss did exercise such patience and remembered who officially had the last word; but he figured that didn't have to apply to getting names and titles wrong.

Once Shen had gotten a hang of it, he soon realized that 'An' could now have a precise power. When he used Wolf Boss' given name in just the right tone and at the right moment, his second would stop and know he crossed the line and that his master was about to have his way.

Once, Shen brought up the time when they were small boys, when Wolf Boss had tried to explain why he did not like 'An.'

"So what if the name means 'peace?...'"

"It's not the right name for a warrior, let alone one of your guards!" Boss had griped softly, indignant. His paws tightened around his steaming hot cup of tea.

Shen's brow furrowed. He sipped quietly at his own tea, then said, "Perhaps. But as a guard, don't you uphold the peace? Perhaps that's what your parents had in mind." Shen mentioned them softly, their deaths still fresh in his mind.

Wolf Boss seemed to soften a little at their mention too. At any rate, his response was thoughtful, halting. "Well, I guess--but mostly I'm supposed to protect and follow you. And that all amounts to the same thing, what with the peacekeeping and all."

(Years later when he found a knife in his stomach from the most unexpected, the most trusted, the most loved, Wolf Boss still wasn't sure if he regretted the words, his duty--just how it all played out. He should not have let his master break so thoroughly.)

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Re: I am so sorry I took so long! (Also, massive fail at fic)

from: greedyslayer
date: Jun. 17th, 2011 08:01 pm (UTC)


As a cub first meeting his prince, the young Wolf Boss had always been conscious to either call him 'Sir' or 'Master,' regardless that he was three years his junior and was much smaller than him at the time. Shen had mostly allowed it because he was supposed to, but sometimes while they played he'd ask the-young-Wolf-Boss-that-was-just-An-then to call him just 'Shen.' And sometimes Then-An did. And then other times they merged into 'Sir Shen' (which sounded so odd the prince once dared An to say it five times fast, and the cub would get tongue tied and Shen would laugh, then try it himself, but failing even more since he was overcome by snickering) or 'Master Shen' (which flowed better).

But the times when the wolf would just call the white peacock only 'Shen' grew less and less, though he'd realized it gained a precision strike status--he could grab the royal's attention with his name simplified, let him know he was serious.

But 'Lord Shen'--as boys, they figured that was ages away. Gongmen Province's heir would not be called that until he inherited the throne. Shen may've been four, five years old or so, when he nervously asked An if he knew if his parents could just retire when they got tired and he could get the throne that way without them dying. The boy knew whether he wanted to or not, he'd take the throne, it was drilled into his mind, but did his parents have to be gone forever for that? An had coughed nervously and said he didn't know, it was probably something he should ask the Soothsayer or something.

And then as young adults when Shen promised to take the throne in spite of his exile (it had been drilled into his head, drilled, he was born to inherit, what else was he supposed to do now?), it still felt like a lifetime away. At times Wolf Boss wondered if his master would truly keep that promise. That was only when Shen was so consumed in his work, Boss wondered if he'd be content just experimenting in his factory for the rest of his life. And especially when Shen was distracted by another thing he could make, madly drawing up plans and designs; Boss had seen one that looked like a bloated lantern connected by ropes to a basket full of people, drawn above the ground and past the clouds, surreally floating without wings. He'd even seen a model of it.

But Shen would shake his head and turn back to his cannons, perfecting them, crafting more. His other ideas filed away somewhere.

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Re: I am so sorry I took so long! (Also, massive fail at fic)

from: greedyslayer
date: Jun. 17th, 2011 08:08 pm (UTC)

That promise of conquest renewed, it came as a shock when Shen heard the news of his parents' death. It just seemed so sudden, and Wolf Boss would've told him it always felt that way, if Shen had ever asked for it.

When they learned it was not assassination, but some illness that took them, Shen had laughed, hysterical.

And the Wolf Boss watched, worried. Fate did seem to have it out for his master. Let him be born white, let him be sickly, let him be a bad omen and leave the whole province expecting him to die. Let him live, only to supremely screw up and get himself exiled. Let his parents be the ones to die sick in bed, when once they were the pinnacles of health, and the standard he was judged by. Fate was a bitch.

Other than that, Shen seemed to show no reaction. He kept working, kept giving orders. But then Wolf Boss realized he wasn't eating.

At least he drank, it was harder to forget that, especially when working in the forge and so close to a freakin' volcano--but Boss would've been more reassured if Shen had taken the time to drink some hard alcohol instead of simple water. Getting hammered had been somewhat helpful for Boss when his folks died.

When Boss personally served him a meal, for the first time he called his master 'Lord Shen.'

Instantly the scarred wolf regretted it. Way to rub freakin' salt in it--or more like light a match over the gunpowder. He had to hold back the urge to whack himself hard with the tray, which still had food and couldn't be possibly thrown aside like that.

But that seemed to snap Shen out of it, a little. He jerked, stared at Wolf Boss, softly thanked him for the meal and started to eat again, at any rate.

Still, Wolf Boss would stumble with the new title, the rest of his pack watching and waiting. His master would make no comment when he slipped up and called him 'Prince' sometimes. But soon that smoothed out, and it was always either 'Sir' or 'Master' or 'Lord Shen.'

(Wolf Boss never confessed to the white peacock that he thought 'Lord Shen' had a nice ring to it.)

prompt: Shen/Wolf Boss, didn't hit your vital organs (slight fix-it AU, the Wolf Boss could've lived, despite Word of God on TVTropes.org saying he's dead for real)

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